As a Write This…

by jackdw44


Coincidentally, Gallardo threw one of his best games after his DUI arrest. When asked for comment, he said, “I’m better when I’m drunk.”


In this segment, I write about whichever is currently lighting up my Twitter feed. Today’s story: the MLB will be pursuing suspensions up to 100 games against Ryan Bryan and Alex Rodriguez, among others. The Milwaukee Brewers (homer speaking) are out of it. Last year’s youth was a confluence of supbar fan expectations and exploited potential. As any fan knows, though, potential usually seems to subside, it reaches an equilibrium, which if you are a Brewers fan, is quite ironic considering their baseline for success is .500.

On June 4, the Brewers have posted a pitiful, don’t-check-your-outgoing-text-messages-last-night 21-35 record. They are over 16 games out of first place, and that youthful potential that seemed so promising, has fulfilled what potential usually does–it subsides. Jean Segura not withstanding, the Brewers could be on their way to an all-out foreclosure. Rickie Weeks, hitting below the Mendoza line, is as confident as Henry Rowengartner at the plate (at least he gets walks). Yovanni Gallardo isn’t developing into the ace that Attanasio and company suspected; their pitching as a whole is simply devoid of adequate talent. And Ryan Braun, the perennial all-star, now looks to be on the 100 day DL (designated liar) list.

The season is over.

If MLB: The Show wanted to hail itself as a true baseball simulator, your star player, nicknamed whichever sophomoric portmanteau one can think of, has to miss the rest of the year for injecting human growth hormones.  SCE San Diego can simply market the simulation as therapy for hapless fans like myself. The hardscrabble fandom that it takes to be a Brewer fan, however, shouldn’t demand sympathy, because…Packers. It’s June, and training camp opens in late July.

Go Pack Go